Touch-ICS @ Hotel has special features of self-service Internet access, single sign-on for multi devices log in and easy price plan package management. This solution makes it easy for hotel to offer customers and guests high quality WiFi Internet services with flexible price plan and service Announcements on log in page.


Touch-ICS @ Campus offers users high quality of Internet access which they can use to search information, learn online, stay connected with school’s events, news, activities, home-works, projects and even send and receive emergency Announcement and scheduled appointments through email and SMS. This solution offers an outstanding system for education that fits your schools, students and parents unique needs.


Touch-ICS @ City serves the citizen and tourists with quality Internet services. It has capabilities to provide WiFi Internet for city coverage, easy WiFi log in registration page, emergency and information notification alert via SMS and email, conduct webpage online poll, survey or questionnaire and provide public safety application which is integrated in mobile application for security. This solution help the people in the city to experience the benefits of city Internet in modern style yet easy way.


Touch-ICS @ Convention provides free high speed WiFi services and advertising solution. It manage automated/manual propose promotion coupon via marketing tool, easy collection of customer profile through WiFi registration and support setting of different log in page by zone. This solution let you communicate with customers who walked into convention hall easily and quickly through WiFi advertising and location event map on log in page.


Touch-ICS @ Shopping Mall has an easy to use tools for marketing and promotion through SMS, email and popular social media. With location base capabilities, you can selectively advertise products and services based on customer’s location and profile. This solution let you communicate with shoppers easily and economically.


Touch-ICS @ Hospital provides employees, patients and visitors an easy to use high speed Internet services to make their hospital stay more convenient. Hospital employees can easily manage Internet access with automated tools for hospitals while patients and visitors can remain connected to friends and relatives through email and social media applications. This solution can integrate to hospital information system (HIS) and other systems to automatically send schedules, reminders, or news to patient via email or SMS.